Field Configurations

Field Configurations
Field Configurations

Feedback fields help you categorize and prioritize feedback collected easier.

You can use the fields below:

  1. Type: There are three types of feedback for now: Feature request, idea, and bug report.
  2. Status: Any feedback created is marked as No Status by default. If you think the feedback is important and you will be reviewing it, you can mark that as Under Review. There are also two more statuses: Done and Closed. You can mark feedback as Done if it's coming from your user portal and already done. This way, you'll be able to let your user that it's already done. Lastly, you can mark feedback as Closed when you reviewed it, and it's not possible for you to do it anyway. Mark it as Closed and let your teammate or user giving feedback that the feedback will not be executed.
  3. Priority: There are three levels of priority: Low, medium, and high.
  4. Tag: You can create any tag you want and categorize similar feedback groups.
  5. Effort: Effort score is a metric that measures how much effort needs to be put in to resolve the feedback. You can estimate effort using the Fibonacci method: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21.
  6. Impact: Impact score indicates how much your company will benefit from resolving this feedback.

You can organize your feedback based on the fields. Also, it is possible to hide the fields you don't want to use from the workspace settings.

In the upcoming releases, you will be filtering feedback by fields and save them as views to follow them closer and easier. It'll be pretty handy for you to start using fields so you can create views with the fields you already use.