Creating a Document

Creating a document
Creating a document

List Page

You and your teammates can easily create a document by clicking the ‘+ Document’ button on the top right corner.

There are three tabs in the documentation module. They are 'All Docs', 'Favorites', and 'Archive'

There is a quick action box to the right of the 'All Docs' tab. You can change multiple tags and delete them in bulk with quick action.

You can add documents to favorites from the ‘star icon’ next to the document name. If you want to delete them, you can delete them after sending them to the archive.

A search bar is located next to the logo of the producer in the top left corner. You can search documents by title.

When you right-click on the document, two options appear.

  1. Copy doc link
  2. Archive

A unique document ID, icon, and title can be found on the left.

You can see the avatar of the person who created the documentation on the far right. Next to the avatar, there are labels that allow you to categorize documents. You can add labels from the document detail page but you can also change them from the list page.

Labels mean ‘tags’. So you can categorize the documents as you want by giving them the label names.

Detail Page

In the upper left part, there is a back arrow icon that you can return to the list page, the document ID, label name, and the document's name. You can add a new label by clicking or you can choose one of the existing labels.

In the upper-right part, there is a menu. You can copy your document link and if you want, you can archive them.

Under the document title, there is the avatar and name of the person who created the document, the creation, and the last edit date of the document.

Documentation - Edit Document.png

In document content:

  • Document Icon: It is the icon that will appear on the list page of the document.
  • Document Title: This is the main title of the document and that will appear on the list page.
  • Text: You can write texts and convert them into headings, list elements, checklists, inline codes, or quotes. You can change the text styles to bold, italic, and underline. Also, you can add links, change the text colors, or add markers to the text.
  • Heading: You can write headings any size you want H1 to H6.
  • Image: You can upload images for better visual communication. You can add a background and border if you want.
  • Attaches: You can detach any type of document you want. Like PDF, CSV, and XLSX.
  • Checklist: You can add checklist items for To-Do lists.
  • List: You can create ordered or unordered lists.
  • Link: You can embed links to redirect to external sites.
  • Table:** You can create a table with as many rows and columns as you want. You can also make the heading part according to your request for the top line.
  • Code: You can embed code blocks to facilitate understanding.
  • Delimiter: You can use a delimiter to separate the contents.