Feedback Module

Collect feedback from your customers and teammates. Inform your stakeholders with automated notifications.

Feedback <> Task Connection

Creating relationships between Producter's Modules is easy with Connections. You can create tasks from the feedback or connect an existing task to feedback.

Field Configurations

Feedback fields help you categorize and prioritize feedback collected easier.

Slack Integration

By integrating with Slack, you can get instant notifications in a Slack channel you want. Everyone in the channel will get notified when feedback is created and take action without losing time.

Quick Feedback Link

The quick feedback link is one of the fastest ways to collect feedback. You will start gathering insight from anyone with almost zero effort using the feedback form we've prepared for you.


You will be informed by in-app notifications when a change occurs related to your feedback. In addition to that, you can integrate Producter with Slack to get instant notifications when new feedback is created.

Feedback Widget

You can embed the feedback widget into your website or product to collect feedback. Using the widget, you'll be able to follow collected feedback on Producter and not skip any of them.

Creating feedback

There are several ways to create and collect feedback using Producter: You and your team can create feedback in Producter. You can also collect feedback from your customers on your user portal. You can send the quick feedback link and gather insight from anyone.