Get Started

Spotlight - Quick Find

With the CMD + K shortcut, Tasks, Epics, Feedbacks and Doc in the workspace can be searched by both Task Names and Task IDs.

Billing & Plans

Click the workspace name in the lower left and then click workspace settings to access billing and plan pages. You can purchase the plan that is right for you on the plans page. This page allows you to upgrade and downgrade your plan.

Quick Onboarding

Trying a new tool is fun, but the real transition might seem overwhelming. As Team Producter, we work meticulously on the trial process to ensure you get the best sense of whether Producter is the right fit for your needs. 🙏

Sign up & login

You can log into your Producter workspace from the workspace domain you have specified while registering. e.g. Enter your email and password after accessing your workspace domain. That's it, you're in. 🚀


Your workspace is where you streamline your product in Producter. All feedback created from your teammates or your users is listed here.

User Portal

Your user portal is home to your customers. The user portal is automatically created once the workspace is created. You can collect feedback directly from your user portal. Update your users on the progress. Communicate with them easily.

Your Profile

You can set up your profile by clicking your name in the sidebar menu. Then, choose Settings.