Task Module

Log Activity

In Producter, the "log activity" feature can be beneficial for product management by allowing team members to track the time spent working on specific tasks or issues related to the product.

Task Settings

In Producter task module settings; you can show or hide any task or epic fields, customize your workflow with issue statuses or add custom task types and version names.

Jira Integration

This integration enables you to synchronize your Jira project with your Producter workspace and view them in one place. It also allows you to link tasks in Producter to existing Jira issues, and have changes to the Jira issue automatically reflected in Producter.

Task - Kanban View

Kanban boards are important in Producter for product management because they provide a visual representation of the team's workflow and progress.

GitHub Integration

Connect your tasks with branches, commits, and pull requests. In addition to viewing the GitHub files related to the task, you can also go to the GitHub site for more information. You will also be able to track the status of pull requests via the Producter without going to GitHub.

Public Roadmap

You can use the Public Roadmap to show users what you're working on. Also, users can upvote these features in the Public Roadmap to show if they want. You can show only Tasks and Epics in your Public Roadmap. Everything written for Task below is valid for Epic too.

Feedback <> Task Connection

Creating relationships between Producter's Modules is easy with Connections. You can create tasks from the feedback or connect an existing task to feedback.